Atlantis Pools is a swimming pool installation contractor and a pool maintenance services company serving London Ontario and the surrounding area. Call 519-471-2058 to find out how we can help you build and maintain the pool of your dreams!

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The best of both worlds in pool installation! We have a "new generation" of pool builders on staff who can offer you the latest in design and technology, coupled with our more than 20 years of experience in designing, installing and perhaps most importantly, maintaining pools and their related equipment in the London area. We oversee your whole project, from talking with you (and listening to you) about the backyard of your dreams to designing the complete project - including custom spas, decks, gazebos and more - and handling all aspects of construction with great attention to detail. Our family is committed to keeping pace with advancements in both pool design and pool technology, and our sales team is non-commission. We are here to make sure you end up with the right equipment at the right price.

The equipment that keeps your pool water clean and clear will perform at its best and last longest with regular ongoing maintenance. We are pleased to offer a weekly service program to monitor the chemical balance in your pool water and keep its components clean and in good repair. This service includes emptying the skimmer baskets, cleaning out the bag and screen, backwashing the filter media, cleaning out the strainers, testing the water chemistry and balancing the levels. All of these tasks when performed regularly and with attention to detail will ensure that your pool is operating efficiently and reliably.

Our pool services cover the full range of needs for anyone who has or wants a pool. From new pool and spa design and construction, to complete restoration of concrete and vinyl pools, as well as ongoing maintenance and annual (opening and closing) services, our experienced staff can provide nearly any type of pool service that you require. We even inspect pools and equipment when you're buying or selling a home.

As pool contractors, we will handle your entire project from start to finish - from concept to reality. Our design consultant is excited to talk with you about your dream backyard and put together the plans for your custom pool in concrete or vinyl. Working in concrete gives us unlimited design possibilities, and the most durable end result, while working with custom steel walls and a vinyl liner comes in at a lower cost point but offers somewhat less flexibility in design. Whichever way you decide to go, we can add all the other custom features you need to complete your backyard project: a cabana, a spa, a water feature... your whole outdoor entertaining space!

Atlantis Pools of London is a full service company to handle all your pool needs, from new construction of your pool and spa, to complete restoration of concrete and vinyl pools and spas using only top quality materials and equipment. Our full service line includes repairs, renovations, liner replacement, parts & equipment repairs and replacement, and regular ongoing services such as opening and closing your pool in the spring and fall and taking on the weekly routine cleaning and maintenance tasks, giving you more time to enjoy your dream backyard oasis. Contact us today with any questions.

Need help opening your pool in the spring? Atlantis Pools is London's most affordable qualified pool opening service. We'll take care of the messy job of removing your pool cover (including cleaning it and folding it for proper storage), we'll take care of the heavy work of re-installing all your equipment, and we'll take care of the sometimes challenging job of re-assembling the plumbing and firing up the mechanical parts. When we're finished, everything including the deck will be clean and all systems will be ready to go. Our affordable fee is well worth it! Contact us today.

Ask us about our full service pool closing plan. At the end of the summer, or whenever you're ready to admit that it's too cold to swim, we'll take care of all the little jobs that ensure your pool gets through the coming winter in good condition: lowering the water level, taking out the ladder and other deck equipment, removing the removable parts, vacuuming one last time, clearing the lines, topping up the right chemicals, shutting down the mechanical systems, and finally, installing the cover. Relax and rest assured that the pool closing job is done correctly and completely by our professional staff.

If you'd like to talk with us about pools, from maintenance services to complete pool installation, give us a call in London at 519-471-2058, email us, or use our contact form.

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